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न चोरहार्यं न च राजहार्यं न भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारि।
व्यये कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधन प्रधानम्॥  

It cannot be stolen, nor can it be taxed, 
It can neither be divided nor is it a burden. Learning and Teaching : we grow everyday ,
as Knowledge is the principal wealth.


Authentic Bharatiya Knowledge. Gain insights from original texts, not translations.


Scholars and Experts in Bharatiya Gyaan parampara can now put their knowledge to modern contemporary use.


Well-wishers, Individuals, and Organizations can help us spread the wisdom of the Bharatiya Gyaan parampara.


Authentic wisdom from Bharatiya Gyaan parampara – the Indian Knowledge Traditions

Authentic experts and original texts. Provenance-driven knowledge from India’s rich knowledge tradition. Knowledge from Shastra texts is made available for the first time in modern form for contemporary understanding.

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Making Shastra Knowledge Accessible

Pioneering Research into Bharatiya Gyaan sources. The texts and manuscripts of various Shastra are transformed into conceptually accessible knowledge. Modern pedagogy and software tools use these transformed “units” of knowledge and make them available for modern, contemporary use.

Authentic Sources

Concepts , ideas and insights from original texts and commentaries available in bharatiya bhasha (languages). All primary sources are referenced and have authentic provenance. Original texts for Shastra like Yoga , Ayurveda and many others like Dharma Shastra , Artha Shastra.

Authentic Experts

The transformation of Shastra sources into conceptually coherent and easily accessible knowledge is done by authentic experts in the field. The experts belong to the tradition and interpret the sources with authentic Drishti.

Authentic Outcomes

All Shastra knowledge have a  specific “prayojana” or associated use. Although the form of pedagogy will be modern and contemporary, the learning experience aims for authentic growth.

Research Partners

Central Sanskrit University, Prayagraj

Karnataka Samskrit University

Kavi Kulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University

Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda , Jamnagar

Maharishi Panini Sanskrit Evam Vedic Vishwavidyalaya , Ujjain

Parankusachar Institute of Vedic Studies

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