Siddhanta Samvaada

“सौक्ष्म्यं सङ्ख्याक्रमौ चोभौ निर्णयः सप्रयोजनः |

पञ्चैतान्यर्थजातानि वाक्यमित्युच्यते नृप ||”

Mahabharata, 12.308.79

In an assembly of intellectuals, the statements made by the debaters should reflect the following five qualities: सौक्ष्म्य (saukshmya) – finesse, सङ्ख्या (sankhyaa) – cover key points, क्रम (krama) – logical flow of arguments, निर्णय (nirnaya) – decisiveness and प्रयोजन (prayojana) – clarity about the purpose of debate or discussion


Siddhanta Samvaada aims to enable dialogue between scholars of traditional Indian Knowledge Systems and practitioners in various fields of application. It is a discussion platform for Shastra scholars, policy-makers, industry experts, professionals, and thinkers to do the ‘Purva Paksha’ of principles and theories in the Shastras and contextualize these in contemporary applications.

The purpose of the Samvaada is to present a robust and comprehensive understanding of the ‘Bharatiya approach’ in various fields, in India and globally.

Samvaada Events

August 17, 2022: Siddhanta Samvaada’s session on ‘Dharmashastra: Real-world Implications on Jurisprudence’ held as part of the ‘KKSU International Conference on Dharma, Dharmashastra & Culture’ at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

November 13 , 2022: Siddhanta Samvaada’s session on a panel discussion on ‘Exploring Natyashastra beyond ‘Natya’: Impact on Communication, Cinema, Lifestyle & More, Sunday, Nov 13, 2022, at 11 AM

Glimpses of Previous Session